A Whitechapel Tale

A Whitechapel Tale also written by Mike & Simon some years ago, was their first musical which is the story of Jack the Ripper and the prostitutes Mary Kelly, Lizzie Stride, Annie Chapman and Polly Nicholls.

The story tells us about Prince Eddie's love affair with Annie crook and their daughter who ends up being taken care of by Mary Kelly.

Mary Kelly shares this information with the girls who then try to use this information to get off the game.

Annie Crook is taken away to a workhouse and Eddie and Annie are tragically separated.

Whilst Jack the Ripper then one by one kills the girls as the plot thickens, the story is delivered through poignant songs that capture the audiences attention and has you on the edge of your seat.

A Whitechapel Tale was first performed by Spotlight Productions, Simon & Mike's first showcase and Simon's daughter Charlotte Pergande who played Annie Crook who sings "I've paid the price of love", the final number of the show featured below.

The song"Dangerous Game" is sung by the girls reflecting on the dangers of being on the game, also featured below.

A Whitechapel Tale was also performed by the Swanley Light Opera Group in June 2014, it was a roaring success and again a show not to be missed.